How Does It Work?

We produce your sales webinar with you; we meet weekly.

We invite the right people; you grow your Linkedin network.
Just like a trade-show, where you get talk to the right prospects, only remotely.

Follow up by email, phone or text.

Frequently Asked Questions

We know that you have questions. Based on our experience, here are the questions most people want answered.

LinkedIn Events are way of creating a remote webinar about your franchise brand.

The Event will be seen on LinkedIn — in the ordinary news feed and by registered attendees.

We have to target the right first connections.

They have to be active on LinkedIn and fit your candidate profile.

This is where we shine.

We will schedule weekly calls with you and your team to produce the Event.

Many LinkedIn members are not on the platform daily. Some are only on every other week.

It takes time for messages to reach them & for them to accept.

Just like a good television show, it takes a lot of practice to come off being a natural.

We need that time together.

We will invite our 1st connections & help you create more 1st connections that you can invite.

Apart from organic invites, we will use LinkedIn’s paid advertising.

In our experience, the event should be produced to run between 20-25 minutes.

After that, the audience’s attention begins to flag.

No, the only technical requirement is lighting. You may need to upgrade your background lighting.

We don’t want your message to be delivered from a dark place.

Yes, we will record the entire event and make it available to you as a download.

LinkedIn Live allows you, with a 3rd party, to broadcast not only to LinkedIn but other platforms at the same time.

Franchise Pipeline is an authorized LinkedIn Live provider.

Other questions on Your Mind?

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